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-Insider Knowledge of the Cruise Line Jobs & Travel Industry Jobs-

The cruise line industry is booming once again. After a brief lul a few years back, cruise lines are once again on a huge building spree. In 2021, the cruise line industry will launch between 16 and 22 new cruise ships. Most of these new scheduled cruise ships are going to be mega cruise ships, each carrying over 2,000 cruise passengers.

This is a wonderful time to find a cruise ship job! Check out the pages on Cruise Insiders to help you land your dream job on a cruise ship and at the corporate offices of a cruise line. There are lots of jobs on cruise ships to choose from ranging from bartenders, waiters and kitchen staff to gift shop positions, youth counselors and fitness instructors. Many of these jobs do not require previous experience working on a cruise ship. If you have ever worked in a job that you interacted with customers or are just good with people, you may be qualified for employment on a cruise ship. Take a look through this website and see if a job on a cruise line is right for you.

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